Boston attractions

Boston Downtown Ansicht vom Meer
Boston Downtown

Sights are in Boston next to the Elite universities Harvard and the WITH, the famous IT campus, yet to call a feature, that is not an everyday. A red line leads the pedestrian along the sidewalks of the city of Boston on a length of about 4 Kilometers to symbols of the American Revolution, the so-called Freedom Trail.

The freedom trail

Freedom Trail sehenswert in Bosten Reisefuehrer Amerik
The freedom trail

The freedom trail begins at Boston common, the oldest public park in the United States, and leading up to Charlestown. Many interesting witnesses can be visited in the course of the trail, How about the Old State House. Here John Adams proclaimed in 1776 the Declaration of independence of the United States of America.
It is easy to follow the trail and visit the USS Constitution, which later referred to is, also worth, as a relaxing boat trip with the ferry, from where you have a great Auslick on the skyline of Boston, and can shoot great photos of this modern metropolis and capital of Massachusetts.

Boston common Park

Der Freedom Trail in Boston
Boston common Park

The Boston common Park is the oldest park in full United States. The with 20 Hectare large park was already in the year 1634 inaugurated, at that time it was used as grazing land by the residents, Today it is a public park, for events, Used festivals and demonstrations. The big lake in the Park, the frog pond, freezes over in the winter and can then be used as a skating rink. In the summer it is very popular as a fresh donor at Boston children. The Boston common is the southern end of the freedom trail. The starting point is located near the Park Street station. The Park Street station – first u-Bahn station in the United States – It is located in the eastern corner of the Park.

Boston Navy Yard

Boston Navy Yard @Amerika Reisefuehrer
Boston Navy Yard
USS Constitution in Boston
USS Constitution in Boston Harbor

The former Charlestown Navy Yard, they now Boston Navy Yard is called, is a disused shipyard, that has been transformed into a part of the Park. Today you will find the beautiful frigate USS Constitution, the oldest ship in service in the world.

Especially the three in the war of 1812 erzielten Siege der USS Constitution against the British warships, the ship became a major point of attraction and a national tourist attraction.

Faneuil Hall

Faneuil Hall Boston - wichtige Station in der Stadt
Faneuil Hall

The Faneuil Hall is one of the oldest buildings of the city of Boston. It is part of the larger marketplace, Quincy market. Today is the elongated brick- and granite building is used as a shopping centre. It is located next to the on 100 Shops and trendy night spots a large food market in the complex.

Also still the old North and South Church can be found, the Old State House, the Paul Revere House of the eponymous freedom fighter and the Dorchester heights monument on the freedom trail.

National Historical Park

Statue at the Boston National Historical Park

In the National Historical Park are sights, that fermented the historical importance of the city of Boston during the American Revolution.

The Park hosted by the U.S. National Park Service offers for example the Bunker Hill Monument, a 67,3 Meter high granite Obelisk with 294 Levels, the between 1827 and 1843 was built in honour of the battle of Bunker Hill. He is higher than the Obelisk to a few meters, He stands on the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Prudential Tower

Prudential Tower Sehenswertes in Boston
Prudential Tower in night lighting

The Prudential Tower ist ein Wolkenkratzer mit 229 Metern und nach dem John Hancock Tower das zweithöchste Gebäude in Boston. He was of 1960 until 1964 built and has 52 Floors. Its observation deck on the 50th floor is the highest accessible in New England, there since the terrorist attacks of the 11. September 2001 the elevated platform on the John Hancock Tower is closed.

Während er zum Zeitpunkt seiner Fertigstellung noch das höchste Gebäude der Welt außerhalb von New York war, today not even more is he one of the fifty tallest buildings in the United States. In addition to the 360 The complex with a 58,000-sqm shopping mall shines degree views at the top of the building, This brings not only women to the excitement.

Samuel Adams brewery

Samuel Adams beers (c)

In the Samuel Adams brewery There is a free tour with a very nice guide, talking about the funny and in detail about the beer BREW, as if he himself were Brauer. Trying the precious drop of the brand of Samual Adams may not be missing at the end of a tour of the brewery. Sometimes this part of the visit takes the most time, It is necessary to try different beers, and that takes time now, so rather nix for with children to the watch, you get bored there rather. Although, You can annoy the Guide Yes, at the same time.

Museum of fine arts

Boston Museum of fine arts - Sehenswertes Boston @Amerika Reisefuehrer
Boston Museum of fine arts

In the Museum of fine arts found next to works by American artists such as Winslow Homer and John Singer Sargent works by well-known European painters like Renoir, Degas and others. Furthermore there is a field with Mexican, Japanese and Egyptian exhibits. Contemporary art, Musical instruments and textile fashion objects complete the program of the Museum. The first museum building was built in the style of Gothic Revival architecture at Boston Copley Square.

That 1876 inaugurated building had to be extended after three years for the fast-growing collections of the Museum. In the year 1899 decided the Museum Director, to build a new Museum building on Huntington Avenue, as at the previous location no further expansion options were available. Since then it has been extended again. The current program is posted on the Web site,

Bunker Hill Monument

Bunker HillsSpitze im Boston Reisefuehrer
historic postcard of the Bunker Hill Monument

That Bunker Hill Monument is a 64,3 m hoher Granit-Obelisk mit 294 Levels, the between 1827 and 1843 was built in honour of the battle of Bunker Hill in Charlestown. He belongs to the Boston National Historical Park, a Memorial by the type of National Historical Park and is managed by the National Park Service. Already 1794 was by the Masonic lodge King Solomon one 5,5 m hohe hölzerne Säule mit einer vergoldeten Urne zu Ehren des während der Schlacht gefallenen Freimaurers Dr. Built by Joseph Warren.

Interestingly the Bunker Hill Monument stands not on the eponymous Bunker Hill, but on the nearby breed's Hill, where most fighting took place. The first railway line in the United States, the granite railway, built solely for the purpose, Granite for the construction of the Obelisk to create up, to accelerate the construction of this.

New England Aquarium

Entrance of the New England Aquarium

Do not want you to sea out, but still see sea animals, can you do that in Boston New England Aquarium visit. In the 1969 founded and continuously renovated Aquarium sea lions can be found, Seahorse, Sharks, Penguins and many other sea animals.
In addition to the main Aquarium the Simons IMAX Theatre and the New England Aquarium Whale Watch interesting attractions include, they are active from April to November. The Aquarium has now more than 22.000 Members and welcomes more than 1,3 Millions of visitors per year.
There are always special shows and events, the Penguin was in Aquarium 2010 under the motto “Penguin power” presents. The visitors learned, How to survive and are how to protect penguins in the wild.

Fenway Park

Baseball im Resiefuehrer Amerikas
Major League Baseball in the Fenway Stadium

The Fenway Park is the home stadium of the U.S. Major League baseball-teams Boston Red Sox District Fenway. Eröffnet wurde der Fenway Park am 20. April 1912, Thus the oldest baseball stadium, It is currently still used. The attendance record with 47.627 Visitors was most 22. September 1935, in the game against the New York Yankees, set up. The stadium is listed in the national register of historic places. A unique feature of the stadium is the wall behind the left Outfield, called The Green Monster ("The Green Monster"). The 11,3 Meter hohe und 73,2 Meter lange Mauer war bereits 1912 Part of the stadium and was to 1934 made of wood. A manual scoreboard was installed on it, which is used until today. 1947 were painted over the advertising boards on the wall with green color, what earned her the nickname of today's. After the wall is also the mascot of the Red Sox, “Wally, the Green Monster”, named.

Boat trip in Boston

Bootsausflug ab Boston Harbour
By boat from the port out to the whales Watchen and deep sea fishing

With one of the excursion boats can you right early in the best drive out of Boston Harbor in the morning on the open sea and there experience dolphins and whales in partnership with the New England Aquarium. With the Boston harbour cruises is a traditional family company, the complete packages, about to deep sea fishing, offers.